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Learning Management Systems

Learning is an integral a part of being human. Our brains are designed to soak up and retain information large and small. But sometimes, the way information is packaged helps determine how well, if at all, we remember or recall the knowledge . Learning is usually associated with the classroom, but as smartphone technology becomes more commonplace, mobile learning and e-learning are gaining popularity within the workplace. Currently, the worldwide e-learning market is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.

Is there a free LMS?

There is no shortage of options for e-learning platforms, but which of them stand out? Free online learning management systems are software applications used by schools and companies to help manage, record, track, and report on educational course delivery. Training programs have always been a part of corporate life, and free online LMSs allow businesses to fine-tune their learning programs to raised align with their goals. to not mention it makes your team more engaging and increases their likelihood of engaging with the material!

best free LMS systems available:

Best Free Learning Management System – EdApp

EdApp may be a completely free mobile-first training solution used by some of the world’s leading organisations such as the United Nations, Mizuno, Shell and Marley Spoon to coach teams large and small across the globe. you’ll view EdApp’s customer reviews here. With intuitive authoring tools and a free library of editable content, this award-winning platform uses a template approach to form it easier to create courses and send them to your team. The Course Library contains pre-made courses from industry leaders that you simply can drag and drop into your account.

These courses are often used and edited to customize them to your team’s learning needs. Since the EdApp platform is mobile-first, learners can complete courseware from their personal smartphones. the simplest part? You can train your team with highly interactive, results-driven microlearning absolutely free and without limitations

Course Website

CourseSites may be a free online LMS platform for teachers that allows teachers to engage with students anytime, anywhere through an interactive e-learning platform tailored to their needs. This free LMS allows you to publish and update course materials, engage with students, facilitate collaboration, and evaluate and improve performance in one place. It allows teachers and lecturers in the least levels from kindergarten to college courses to add web-based content to their curriculum, or maybe build an entire curriculum from scratch and host it online. With customizable URLs, students can easily find your courses and continue their studies.